A caravan is, in its own way, a little statement of individuality. You’ve got the freedom to just decide to drive somewhere one day and set up camp (as long as it’s a certified camping site). Here at Airospring, we love the feeling of freedom when you’re camping, that’s why we’ve decided to make it more comfortable with our range of camping mattress toppers.

Whether you’ve just bought it, or you’ve been rattling around in it for years and years, you’ll want your caravan to really reflect you. There are so many ways to customise the look of your caravan, and most of them aren’t going to cost much. Here are a few tips on putting a bit more of you in your caravan.


This is something that you really don’t need to spend much on, but will have a huge effect on the look and feel of your caravan. Posters, pictures, curtains, cushions, weird trinkets. Think of what you use to personalise your bedroom or study, or whichever room you consider to be your personal haven.

Put up a shelf and cover it in your favourite books. Cover a wall in family photos - works especially well if your family has a history of caravanning. Do something weird - stick a ship’s wheel to the wall, for a nautical theme. It’s amazing what kind of strange and interesting stuff you can find in antique shops.

Walls and floors

Surprisingly, wallpapering caravans is a thing. Many standard caravan interiors leave a lot to be desired, in terms of wallpaper, so why not try brightening it up? It’s a little trickier than doing a house, due to the cramped conditions and smaller wall area, but if done well it can really transform the look of your caravan.

Flooring is something that you need to think more carefully about, since obviously some of the flooring options you’ve got for a house are bit...unsuitable, you could say. Imagine trying to drive a motorhome or tow a caravan with solid oak floorboards. But, don’t worry, there’s still a lot of options for flooring. Vinyl tiles or linoleum flooring can give you a huge amount of variety in terms of looks and styles.

Go green

Get some LED lights to replace your current ones  - they use less energy and shine brighter. Stick solar panels on the roof and get a solar generator to power and heat your caravan. These can reflect your environmentally-conscious nature and let you feel smug when you meet less green caravanners.


These don’t just have to be a bathroom fitting. They make rooms in a house look bigger, so why not try in your caravan or motorhome? Also, putting up a few mirrors will literally put a bit of you in your caravan, if you stand in front of one of them, anyway. Antique shops will sell all manner of interesting and pretty mirrors that will make your caravan look great.

The outside

This is where you have to be a bit more bold, if you’re looking to radically change the look of it on the outside. Caravan wraps are available in a huge number of different styles and colours-  you can get custom wraps if you’re really focussed on a particular look.

The vinyl wrapping method that vehicle wrappers use is quick to apply and quick to remove and won’t require your caravan to be repainted at any point. Cover it in flowers to bring back that 60s feeling, or maybe go for carbon fibre to make a futuristic and hi-tech tourer to intimidate your rivals. Of if you don’t want to go all out, you could just get a funky spare tire cover to inject a little fun into your outside.

That list should have given you a little inspiration to customise your caravan a bit, to make it a bit more you. We love to see what people come up with and we hope that you’ll have fun personalising yours - show them off in the comments.

kwiecień 27, 2017 — Charles Wood

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