Portable Mattress Toppers: A new standard in healthy sleeping!

Airospring Produces Pressure Relief Cushions and Mattress Toppers using a patented 3D fabric technology.

If you’re on the road and away from your bed quite a bit, you’ll know how hard it can be to find sleeping comfort when it’s time to rest your head.

Thanks to AiroSpring’s fantastic range of camping mattress toppers however, this need no longer be a problem. We don’t just make these claims though, we’ve invested hours of research into creating the ideal solution, working together with leading innovators of technical and medical textiles at The University of Bolton for 10 years.

Camping Mattress Toppers

Thanks to this extensive and high-quality partnership, we have attained a full patent for revolutionary three-dimensional fabric technology and a camping mattress topper from AiroSpring provides a non-allergenic, moisture controlled and comfortable surface for you to get some well-deserved rest.

Spacer Fabrics

The CMT220 and CMT230 Portable Mattress Toppers have been created using 3D Spacer fabrics from award winning technical textiles manufacturer Baltex, so you can be sure that even above comfort and temperature control, these kind to skin products offer unbeatable quality.

On top of these amazing camping mattress toppers, we are delighted to introduce the AiroSpring Mattress Overlay MT230. Distributing pressure evenly, promoting healthy skin and keeping your body cool when the temperature is high. This camping mattress topper really does feel as though you’re floating on a cloud and sleeping on air.

Pressure Control

We haven't forgotten about our world-renowned pressure relief cushions and these incredible mobility aids are available to improve the standard of seating and help skin to breathe.

If you're looking for superior comfort, for a sound night’s sleep or even just a daytime catnap, but are put off by an ever-hard sleeping surface, AiroSpring’s unrivalled camping mattress toppers could be just the ticket.

To find out more or buy any of our wonderful products, browse the website or contact us today. It could be one of the best things you ever do.

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Camping Mattress Toppers

CMT220 Portable Mattress Topper


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Pressure Relief Cushions

AS100 Airospring cushion


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