Your perfect music festival checkslist - what clobber to take, what to leave behind
You don't want to forget this one. The rule of thumb is to buy a tent slightly bigger than you need so it fits all your stuff as well as yourselves.
Good footwear
Sturdy hiking shoes are also good, but if there’s a real downpour and the mud and rain start to collect, sometimes only wellies will do unless it's flipflops when it is hot.
Waterproof coat or poncho
Let's hope you don't need it or you can protect yourself from the sun. It’s always best to be prepared for some rain.
Hat , sunglasses and earplugs
Whether you want to tune out from conversation or you just don't dig the music earplugs are must and you can hide any ailments behind a good pair of shades.
Sleeping bag
You'll struggle without one and make sure you get the right tog level so you are not freezing or boiling
A fleece or hoody
Even at the height of summer, clear skies can mean a cold night, so always have something warm to wear in the small hours.
Air mattress and mattress topper
You might run out of breath trying to inflate it but there's a wide selection of traditional airbeds to take.
Add an CMT220 mattress topper and you have pure luxury.
Camping chairs
Sometimes you need a good sit down: especially if the ground is wet or muddy. Added comfort comes in the shape of an Airospring camping cushion
Picnic cooler
Good for keeping beers, water and soft drinks cool during a hot spell. Again, check the festival’s terms and conditions to see whether coolers are acceptable on the campsites.
Portable charger
You've got to have power on the go! You can even go solar-powered and let the sun do all the work.
Bin bags
Not just for rubbish, of course - you can put dirty clothes in ‘em, sit on them if the ground is wet and even fashion a makeshift poncho from one if you forget your waterproof.
You need to get those tent pegs into the hard ground - better than ruining or she's or boots trying to get the pegs in.
Portable light
A static torch that you can hang up to light your camping area.
Portable speaker
Good for keeping the party going when the music on the main stages finish, but remember some people want to sleep!
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June 13, 2019 — Charles Wood

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